Chapter 55: Chicago

Chapter 55: Chicago

As far as great, culturally historic American cities go, few have the timeless richness and unparalleled style that Chicago is notorious for. A foundation for lucrative American businesses, it’s a town known equally for its positive attributes as its dark, glamorized underworld, popularized in the past by mafia influence and iconic gangsters like Al Capone or John Dillinger.

These days, the Windy City still maintains a reputation for having one of the most criminally active communities across the US, a raw aura which reluctantly adds to its clandestine appeal—but it’s not all gang-banging and corruption. Between music, architecture, fashion, major sport legacies, a completely unique culinary scene, and the assortment of creative influx continuously pouring out of Chi-Town, it’s easy to see how it rivals New York and Los Angeles for one of the US’ greatest cities.

Through Chapter 55, FRANK will explore that very juxtaposition of illegal allure and honest blue-collar standards, focusing on topics ranging from gang life, to street style, to revealing where to find the city’s most official deep-dish creation. With features on The Jordan Era and Playboy, and contributions from the likes of Chief Keef, Hebru Brantley, Reggieknow Jolly, Trashhand, Twilite Tone, and Virgil Abloh (to name a few) we’d say all the necessary elements are in place.

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