Chapter 46: Steve Olson

Chapter 46: Steve Olson

Steve Olson is a skateboard-circuit legend. In the late ’70s Olson changed the way people rode skateboards while helping introduce a punk appeal to the scene. He was 16 when he started skating, and he was quickly recognized as one of the top bowl riders in California, winning Skateboarder and World Champion Of The Year in ’78. He rode for Santa Cruz on the original test team for Independent Trucks and helped produced the design features for their famous trucks.

From skateboard icon to visual artist, Olson’s transition has been flawless, and his art is said to represent a perfect meld of “culture and counter culture” by Juice magazine. While he straddles the line between skateboarding and art, his pieces represent an independence of the two, with strong social commentary and use of various materials, making him simultaneously dynamic and successful. 

As Guest Curator of FRANK Chapter 46, Steve Olson is conducting interviews with New York and LA legends who also happen to be close friends. From Eric Dressen, to Stecyk III, to Cesario “Block” Montano, Olson will bring a rarely seen depth and insight into each interview.

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