Chapter 51: Leaders
Chapter 51: Leaders Chapter 51: Leaders

Chapter 51: Leaders

A true leader is someone who helps others get to where they want to be. That “where” can be a geographical location, a state of mind, or a more abstract goal. Whether acting as chief executive officer, head of state, or spiritual guru, leaders are empowered after demonstrating that they possess the vision and drive to help their followers progress—though they're not always unanimously popular.

Chapter 51 takes a FRANK look at leadership by speaking with influential individuals currently shaping our world. We will cover not only those whose success is measured by their following and financial statements, but also the men and women who lead in less easily quantified ways. 
Chapter 51 features interviews with Jake Burton, Lama Tsering Everest, Jonathan Mannion, Eddie Huang, Circe Wallace, DJ Hiro, Timothy Wyllie, Nick Diamond, and many more. 
The newly sized FRANK Book will also be stocked at Barnes & Noble stores throughout the northeast US! 

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