After months of releasing mostly male-centric editions, we’re taking the testosterone way down to focus on one of life’s most puzzling enigmas—Girls. Chapter 59 will showcase some of our favorite female personalities, all of whom we believe embody the idea of ‘modern feminism’— in other words, women who do exactly what they want, how they want, and make no excuses for it.

Covering all ages, genres, and facets of the female realm, Chapter 59 will include everyone and everything from actress and intellectual Joy Bryant; Astrology as interpreted by Flora Forager; Teen Angel-inspired works by Tamara Santibanez; a note to porn from adult actress Asa Akira; a batch of up-and-coming lady photographers; some squeal-inducing braid and nail art photo spreads; a "how to” party edition with culinary visionaries Large Marge; and excerpts on feminine sexuality featuring  L’ecole Des Femmes clothing line founder Laura Sfez.

Chapter 59: Femmes will bring you back to mood rings, butterfly clips, Lisa Frank, first hickies, and adolescent thoughts of existentialism—all packaged nicely with a little pink bow. Sure to be a treat for any longtime female FRANK readers, or just guaranteed insight and visual pleasure for our male demographic, Chapter 59: Femmes is an essential addition to the home library. Don’t let her be the one that got away. 

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